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PE and School Sport

At Birkenshaw Primary School we pride ourselves on our PE and Sport offer to our pupils.  All pupils receive a minimum of 2 hours PE and exercise per week with many other opportunities for our pupils to get active provided though a comprehensive list of extra curricular clubs and activities available both after school and at break and lunchtime.  Alongside these organised activities, our grounds provide wonderful ways for our pupils to 'be active' whether playing table tennis on our outdoor tables or climbing, balancing and playing on our 'Tangled Tarantula' or 'Freeflow'.

Our curriculum is planned to allow progression though a wide range of skills.  In EYFS and KS1 the curriculum teaches core skills such as hand eye coordination, body control and fun!  These key skills then lead on to LKS2 where pupils put these skills into practice and learn the fundamentals of team games - skills such as attacking and defending, playing for the team as well as with a team and the enjoyment of games and competition as well as the more individual aspects of moving to music and using their body control to perform sequences of movements.  These skills then lead on again to UKS2, where pupils are taught to put all the skills they have already learnt into real game situations.  All of the skills learnt in our PE lessons allow transfer of skills and link to the wide variety if sports competitions and festivals offered by our School Games Organiser.  Our long term plan sees pupils participating in a range of sports and activities from football and rugby to tchuckball and archery.

In year 4, our pupils visit the swimming pool at Tong Leadership Academy and are taught the swimming element of the National Curriculum.